Author: Quasimodem

Time for Timelapse #2!

Another great timelapse of Gargoula upgrading the moveset of the Rock Golem. Like that dude wasn’t already impossible to beat!

Time for Timelapse!

Check out Gargoula workin’ on a new NPC sprite. If only I could write code this fast…

How It’s Made: UnderMine

Hello Peasant-Adepts! Welcome to the first in a series of dev posts on how UnderMine is made.  Hopefully they will be useful to other devs not because of the things we got right, but because of the things we got horribly,


It’s hard to believe, but we finally released a game on Steam! *JOY*

Unity, Please Fix!

Unity, your file renaming implementation sucks! This is how file renaming works in Windows: You can drag your cursor outside the textfield and your selection tracks in a very sane, predictable way. Specifically, it ignores the Y value of my

Off We Go Then!

Today’s the day! We’re finally showing off what we’ve been working on for the past few months. And it’s this guy: Albin and I are huge Warcraft 3 fans.  Between the two of us, we have something like 5000 games played on


Welp we said we’d release it before the end of the year and here we are, with 7 hours to spare! Happy New Year, solitaire fans!