Off We Go Then!

Today’s the day!

We’re finally showing off what we’ve been working on for the past few months. And it’s this guy:


Albin and I are huge Warcraft 3 fans.  Between the two of us, we have something like 5000 games played on  I almost dropped out of college to play War3 unprofessionally!  So we decided we wanted to pay homage to that great game, but also add our creative voice to the burgeoning sphere of indie roguelike/dungeon crawler titles.  Thus, in true game-jam fashion, we came up with a simple question to answer:

What happens to your peon while he’s in the goldmine?

Outside the mine, sure, he sucks.  Gets wrecked all day.  Lives and dies to chop lumber and collect gold for his pitiless master.  But for those brief moments while he’s inside the mine, he’s a fucking champion.  The mine is his realm and nobody can touch him.  Except, say…

  1. Massive, bloodthirsty, screen-filling bosses
  2. Other peons
  3. Crippling alcoholism
  4. Cave-ins
  5. Gas explosions
  6. Godzilla-sized rats
  7. Boredom
  8. Rickets

And the list goes on!

Thief But Derek!  Aren’t there already enough indie pixel roguelike dungeon crawler CCG MMO RPGs?

Well sure, there are tons!  And some are extremely excellent!  But none quite have all the qualities and features we want to see in a game.  Thus, the cycle continues as we attempt to push the state of the art just a bit further and make the game that we want to play.

Ok dummy, but you’re calling your guy a “Peon” when he’s clearly a “Peasant”!  What gives?   Thief2

Alright, you got me there.  “Peon” is just a way more fun word so we tend to use that more, even though it ain’t quite right.  But hey, Warcraft’s got nothing to do with us and we’re definitely not using any of their characters or anything.  Our protagonist is just a guy with a pickaxe in a goldmine.  Remind you of any other games?  Hmm?  No?  Ok good.

So that’s our update!  Head on over to our new page for a better look at the game.  Happy prospecting!


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