Unity, Please Fix!

Unity, your file renaming implementation sucks!

This is how file renaming works in Windows:
You can drag your cursor outside the textfield and your selection tracks in a very sane, predictable way. Specifically, it ignores the Y value of my cursor, and only grows the selection left or right based on its X value. Makes sense, text is a horizontal affair.

This is how file renaming works in Unity:
As long as I keep my cursor inside the 22ish vertical pixels of the textfield, life is good. If I stray outside the top or bottom by the smallest amount, Unity jumps my selection to the beginning or end of the text.

What? No! I’m just trying to select a few characters! Why would you do this?

Well, because Apple does it too. This is how file renaming works in Finder, for reasons I dunno. Ok sure, Mac users have super-human mousing skills and can compose entire symphonies with a flick of the wrist. My wee Windows brain cannot comprehend the greatness of OSX. I get that.

But here’s a thing:
89.1% of Unity users are on Windows! So if Unity has to choose between a Windows way of doing things and an Mac way of doing things, why would they even consider the Mac way?

Isn’t Unity supposed to be all about democratizing game development? Yet here they are, serving the tiny 10.5% minority and frequently enraging the masses?

Rule #1 of UI design: Don’t piss off your users! Or else they go online and rant about it >:)

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